TERMS AND CONDITIONS (hereinafter referred as “TERMS”)

I, as a participant (hereinafter referred as “The Participant”) for Medicorp online course hereinafter referred as “The Course”, shall read carefully and agree to the Terms imposed by Medicorp (hereinafter referred as “The Organiser”)


1.1 The Organiser shall organise Medicorp online course (hereinafter referred as “the Course”) to the Participant through online medium.

1.2 The Course can be accessed through the online website https://medicorp-class.teachable.com/

1.3 The Organiser reserves the rights to make changes to the Course uploaded, such as the the name of the courses, the speaker of the courses. The date of courses uploaded on the website as long as the changes is not material to the Participant.

1.4 The Organiser shall not be made liable if the participant is unable to access the online Course due to Participant’s negligence and due to expiration of the Course.


2.1 Unless otherwise agreed by the Organiser, full payment of the Course as stated in the website must be received by the Organiser before the Participant can be given the necessary information to access the Course on the website.

2.2 All amounts stated in or in relation to this Course are stated inclusive of any applicable value added taxes, unless the context requires otherwise.


3.1 In most circumstances, the soft copy of the teaching material will be issued on the within seven (7) days after the payment has been made to the Organiser upon request by the participants.

3.2 This material is made available only to those who are paying for the Course. The materials are provided for the sole use of the participants and shall not be reproduced by the Participant whether in whole or part, embedded, shared or distributed by any method whatsoever without prior permission of the copyright owner and the Organiser.

3.3 External speakers are responsible for the content of their respective sessions. The opinions expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Organiser. The speakers will make every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information they provide.

3.4 The Participant hereby agrees not to disseminate the Course’s materials without any prior written consent from the Organiser as the materials shall be solely used during the Course. This however shall not be applicable to the Participant’s personal materials and notes.


4.1 Confidential Information may include but not limited to non-public marketing materials, participants lists, and other data that is highly relevant to the Services or the Organiser.

4.2 From time to time, the Participant may be provided with certain non-public or sensitive information regarding the Company of the Organisers, the teaching materials and the detail of the Speaker.

4.3 Each of the Parties hereto shall, throughout and after the Course, keep and procure and ensure that all its associated, affiliated, related companies, officers, legal advisors and auditors keep in strict confidence any information that it has acquired or may acquire from each other and each parties shall not without the prior written consent of the others disclose the same to any third party, except to their respective associated, affiliated, related companies, officers, legal advisors and auditors on a need to know basis or where such information:

4.3.1 Is already within public domain or is already known to the third party at the time when such information is disclosed to that party;

4.3.2 Is publicly known without any fault of the party hereto or its associated, affiliated, related companies, officers, legal advisors and auditors.


5.1 The Participant shall indemnify the Organiser from any medical negligence claim/damages and etc resulting from any of Participant’s medical or professional acts towards the patients made by the Participant after the Course as the Participant acknowledged that the action are made based from the Participant’s professional and personal capacity as a practicing doctor.

5.2 The Participant shall indemnify the Organiser from any medical negligence claim/ and etc as a resulting from any of the third party medical or professional acts towards the patients based on the Participant’s unlawful conduct of disseminating the Course’s teaching material without the consent and supervision of the Organiser.

5.3 The Participant shall be made liable for his/her own understanding of the teaching, consultancy delivered by the Speaker throughout the Course.


6.1 The Organiser hereby warrants that the Participants shall receive the updated teaching materials and the Organiser shall always be updating their courses in line with the KKM and MMC rule and regulations.


7.1 The Organiser shall not be made liable to the Participant in respect of any loss of profit, anticipated savings, opportunities, indirect or consequential loss or damage resulting from personal of professional conduct of the Participant after the Course.

7.2 The Organiser shall not be made liable to any third party as a consequences of Participant’s advices or consultations.


Filling up this Term and Condition shall constitute my acceptance and compliance to the Terms. These Terms shall apply to me throughout the implementation and after the end of the Course.